Mini Sports Reporters

So a couple of days ago my daughter said to me, “Six boys from New Rochelle started a sports show.”

To which I replied, “What the hell does that even mean?”

To which she replied by looking at me like I’m ancient. Then she directed me to the above YouTube clip—which, in fact, is a sports show started by six boys from New Rochelle. The kids are seventh graders who attended elementary school with Casey, and I’m really jealous.

Wait. Jeff Pearlman at 43 isn’t really jealous. But Jeff Pearlman, 11-year-old, sure as hell is. Back when I was a kid, I drew my own sports magazine covers and made a television out of a cardboard box and pretended to be Marv Albert and Jerry Girard in the mirror. But my own sports show? My own YouTube clip? My own … wait. Wait. Jeff Pearlman, age 11, didn’t know what a YouTube clip was. The closest thing I had was the Saturday morning local sports radio show that that let me call in and ask questions about Ivan DeJesus and Steve Kemp.

Not sure the point here, except that I commend the boys for doing something proactive and taking a love of sports and media into their own hands. They have their own YouTube channel, as well as an Instagram page.

Next stop (egad): My job.