Potty Training

I’m married to a woman named Catherine, who works as a family coach. Which is why she goes by The Family Coach. It’s sorta like a superhero moniker. We have Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Aquaman, The Family Coach …

I digress.

Catherine is a magician with figuring out kids. I say this because I’ve seen it first hand with our own offspring. Whether it’s behavioral, sleep, anxiety … whatever. She has an answer for every problem, and it always seems to work.

Her ultimate strength? Potty training.

Again, I’m not just saying this because we’ve been married 13 years. The Family Coach knows her shit. Hence, I’m highlighting the above video, her first foray into the world of webinars. It’s a How To for potty training your kid, and it 100-percent works if followed.

Enjoy …


1 thought on “Potty Training”

  1. 4 kids. One was hard to potty train. Started before he was 3. As we got closer to three I began to mention he was going to be 3 soon. Also told him the big boys used a potty chair. Other times told him when he was 3 he would be a big boy.
    When he turned 3 he put it all together and announced he was a big boy now and was using the potty chair.
    Very few accidents after that. Nighttime took a little longer.

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