“I know you”

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I was at the gym about an hour ago. Reached my favorite weight machine at the same time as another guy. Blond, curly hair. He looked at me. “I know you,” he said.

“Um …”

“I know you.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“I know your face.”

“You sure?” I said.

“What do you do for a living?”

“Sports writer,” he said.

“That’s it!” he said. “Jim Rome’s show, right!”

“Wow,” I said. “Yeah, that’s me.”

“You were sometimes OK on that,” he said—100-percent serious.

“Oh. Thanks.”

We talked a bit about Rome, who he loves. And the show, which he loves. He said, “Who were you on with?”

“Mike Freeman?” I said.

“Is that the black guy?”


A few more seconds of light conversation, then, “Where do you think you go after you die?”


“Where do you think you go after you die?”

“Man,” I said. “I’m a Jewish guy. I don’t really wanna have a religious conversation.”

We fist bumped.

And that was that.

2 thoughts on ““I know you””

  1. Dude.
    I love your blog.

    I found it by mistake (I know that’s flattering…but give me a sec…)
    I found it because I was looking for news about Daron Norwood, and I found your post about Norwood “then & now”.

    I heard tonight that he came to an early end in this life. I haven’t confirmed it yet, so I was looking for actual facts vs rumors, which led me to your piece.

    Norwood is rather infamous in my little West Texas town for a school-assembly-gone-bad in about 4 years ago. He came to inspire our students to stay clean & keep off of drugs…the way it went down made it clear that he had probably neglected to take meds he needed to make it through the assembly.
    Anyway, the “tale of the school assembly” went from a darkly hilarious episode of local folklore to tragic chapter in this guy’s life, apparently, if tonight’s news proves to be true.
    I’m the teacher who pulled the fire alarm to get us out of a near hostage situation in that fated assembly… (You can

    And I love your blog.
    Thought you might want to know about Norwood. I, too, am sad about how it all went down for the guy.

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