My dad’s hats


Went to my dad’s house the other day. He had a hat out. It was red and dented and crappy. I think he spent $1 on it.

“Dad,” I said, “what’s with the crappy hat?”

“What’s wrong with it?” he replied.

“Dad,” I said, “it’s crappy. It looks like you spent $1 on it.”

“Well …” he said.

My dad’s hats are a phenomenon to themselves. They’re plentiful, they’re odd, they fall into two categories.

A. Hats I’ve bought him as gifts …

IMG_7470 IMG_7468 IMG_7467 IMG_7466 IMG_7465 IMG_7463

B. Hats he purchased for $1 …

IMG_7469 IMG_7464 IMG_7462

Oddly, the ones he wears most are the $1 specials.

I don’t get it.

4 thoughts on “My dad’s hats”

  1. From all your posts over time about self confidence, public opinion be damned, I’m surprised by your post. If he likes wearing a non descript hat, more power to him. If he wants to broadcast alliance with something, then he would choose one you gave him. I like the Orange $1 hat myself.

  2. I like the JP’s Appliance hat way better than the Yankee’s cap. Then again I am your Dad’s age. Once your kids hit college you can get him some school hats. He will wear those.

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