One booth over

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Two old men sitting at a booth in McDonald’s. One looks to be in pretty good shape. One is using a cane. He has hearing aids in both ears. His wife helped him sit down, and just grabbed him a cup of water.

“How was physical therapy?” the healthier man asks.

“Yes.” the other says.

“No, how was the physical therapy?”

“The therapy?”

“The physical therapy?”


One man drinks a coffee, the other water. The man drinking the water, with the cane, fell out of bed last night, but didn’t want to wake his wife. So he sat on the floor and waited for the morning to come. He looks and sounds worn down. They talk about doctors, pills, rehab, church. “You have to go to mass,” the unhealthier man says. “No question about it.”

I sorta feel like, in the age of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, we’ve become consumed by what we are in the present, without remembering what we’ll inevitably become in the future. But it’s important to take a gander, because seeing humans at their frailest reminds us to embrace our health and vigor.

OK. That’s all.

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