The All-Star Game

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Before you could buy every hat in every city.

Before you could sit in San Diego and watch a game in Toronto.

Before all the names were known, all the faces were known, all the statistics were known, all the angles were known.

Before SportsCenter.

Before the Internet.

Before metrics.

Before all of that.

This was the greatest singular moment of my year …

3 thoughts on “The All-Star Game”

  1. JUST telling my wife that I like the player intros more than the game. couldn’t explain to her satisfaction, thanks for the backup and the memory. Remember Gary Gaetti’s ‘Hi Mom’??

  2. Thanks for sharing. I used to live for the All-Star Game as a kid, taping them on the VCR so I could watch it over and over. All the non-Cub and non-Brave players were novelties.
    Oh, did you see the fan in the first minute wearing the Turd Ferguson oversized Nerf cowboy hat? Classic!

  3. I don’t even bother watching the All-Star game any more. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to watch it to see the stars I had only previously heard about. With inter-league play, SportsCenter, the internet, and everything else, that’s been taken away.

    It’s interesting to see the number of Hall of Famers who were reserves in this game.

    I watched a retrospective on Dwight Gooden’s career, and got a kick out of watching him pitch to Gary Carter as his catcher in the 84 All Star game, before they were teammates.

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