Buy Gunslinger, get free stuff


I write books for a living.

It’s my job and I absolutely love it. But with the reporting and the writing comes, for me, the hardest and most awkward part: The sell.

The author whose book doesn’t sell is the author whose career doesn’t last. So here I am, promoting my seventh (and best) book, making you an offer born of both sincerity and salesmanship. If you are kind enough to order Gunslinger here, and take a screen shot of it, then e-mail the screen shot to me at (serving as confirmation of the order), I will mail you—completely free of charge—two Brett Favre Gunslinger postcards and an autographed bookplate to place in the front of your copy of Gunslinger (I’m happy to personalize, of course).

I’m also going to place all the names in a ball, have my daughter blindly pick them out, and raffle off the different Packer books I used for research.


Again, writing is a labor of love, and writing about Brett Favre’s life and career was a true joy. I’ve never received better reviews for a book, and much of that is due to my passion for the subject.

I hope you give it a read.