A very bad interview, a very good lesson

There’s much to learn from great journalism, and there’s even more to learn from bad journalism. Watching awfulness is a tremendous way to avoid awfulness. It truly is. Hence, with no disrespect to Danielle McCartan (we all have our moments), the above is, truly, a play-by-play on how not to interview people.

Some points:

A. Don’t ask mindless questions. “How important is it for you to come out and support David Harris today?” Actually, I hate being here. It sucks, it’s boring, golf is lame and I want to vomit.

B. Know your shit. “What’s your draft story? You were picked in that … what … um, fourth round by the Jets?” How is this a question? You’re a reporter on the Jets? Know. Your. Shit.

C. Don’t quote Skip Bayless. Ever, ever. Like, never. He’s not an expert. He’s not a source. He’s a talking head on TV.

D. Don’t make things up and/or exaggerate. “Working with Decker and Marshall, the best in the game …” Um, what? Good receivers? Yes. The best in the game? No.

Just painful.

And worth watching.