Crème Fraîche


So my sister in law e-mailed me a list of things to buy for Thanksgiving. One of the items was “crème fraîche.”

I have no idea what crème fraîche is, so I asked the wife. At first she laughed and laughed, because I said, literally, “What the hell is cre-mee fraisch?” That clearly wasn’t the proper pronunciation. She corrected my language, but I don’t recall what she actually said. Then she explained the product. I nodded—but I still have no clue. So when I went to the supermarket earlier today, I tried to find crème fraîche, without knowing what the hell crème fraîche is. I walked up and down the aisles, left and right. I Googled it at one point, and showed the image to an employee, who shrugged and walked away.

I eroneously presumed it was milk. Then I thought, maybe, it’s ice cream.

I later learned that it sorta kinda like sour cream, only not.

I bought sour cream.

It’s probably the same thing.


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