The one thing Steve Bannon is missing

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Steve Bannon is being hailed as either a genius or an evil genius, depending on your political leanings. And while I do, indeed, fear his awfulness, I see a major flaw in his plan.

Namely, arrogance.

The whole revolutionize-the-government thing is all well and good if everything is going swimmingly. But what about when people start losing their health coverage? What about when our new NAFTA stance kills our import rates and ups demand (and, therefore, prices)? What about when the people being deported are our friends? What about when the economy sinks? Most important, what about when Trump’s approval rating is stuck at, oh, 32 percent?

When we reach that point, Bannon’s plan hits the crapped. Why? Because the loyalty Republican officeholders are showing Donald Trump will only last until their own careers turn imperiled. Members of the House run every two years. They basically are elected to run again and again and again. Maybe they love what Trump is doing … but they love their jobs (and power) significantly more. So if Trump becomes an anchor, most will distance themselves.

I actually find Bannon impressive, in a diabolical way. He’s Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, just with more sneer and snicker. I wouldn’t trust him to feed the cat I’ve never had, but I would hire him in an instant to win an election.

Maybe that means he’s a genius.

But he’s not able to tell the future.

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  1. Many people who vote, consistently vote against their own interests. They rail against Congress, yet vote “their” guy or gal in over and over. All the other Representatives and Senators suck, mind you, just not theirs. I fear we will have to reach a Depression stage in our economy before the ignorant voter realizes they’ve been lied to by their representatives, especially since those representatives blame all that goes wrong on “the others”, not themselves, and the ignorant voters lap it up. We’ll see in two years, if we survive that long, and if we’re still holding free elections in this country.

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