The Top 10 Most Likely People to be Our 46th President

Biden (No. 2) and Pence (No. 1) fighting for the gig.
Biden (No. 2) and Pence (No. 1) fighting for the gig.

Every now and then I like to keep an updated list of the Top 10 People Most Likely to Become Our Next President. Here are the latest chartings …

• 1. Mike Pence: I don’t know if Donald Trump lasts four years, but it’s sitting at about 50/50 in my mind. I don’t think Pence had anything to do with the Russia stuff, so if Trump is exiled … President Pence.

• 2. Joe Biden: Yes, he’ll be 74. But there will be a hunger for anything but Donald Trump in four years, and he’s A. The representative of the Obama years; B. Beloved by the left and also genuinely admired by many on the right.

• 3. Cory Booker: The New Jersey senator is charismatic, intelligent and experienced. He’s a legitimate contender if he wants it.

• 4. Ted Cruz: If he smells blood, he’ll challenge Trump in the convention for—his words—”the soul of conservatives.”

• 5. Paul Ryan: Just in case Trump and Pence go down, it’s his prize as speaker of the house.

• 6. Kamala Harris: Smart, energetic, telegenic, talented Californian with a new vibe.

• 7. Bernie Sanders: He lurks.

• 8. Elizabeth Warren: Look, I’m as liberal as liberal gets, but I know what the country can stomach. She’s probably too liberal, but Trump awfulness is a wildcard.

• 9. Mark Cuban: It’s certainly possible.

• 10. Steve Bannon: Donald Trump serves two terms, is loved by everyone and the dark lord decides to replace him.