A simple man

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In case you missed this, Donald Trump fucked the future of our planet today … in the name of making some coal miners happy.

I wish that were an overstatement. It’s not. The orange puddle signed an executive order intended to roll back the majority of Barack Obama’s climate-change legacy. In a bit of jab-humanity-in-the-skull bullshit, the ceremony was held at the Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters. Trump inked the document while surrounded by a bevy of coal miners. None of whom—I am 100-percent certain—could properly explain the intricacies of global warming and climate change.  “C’mon fellas. You know what this is? You know what this says?” Trump said to the miners. “You’re going back to work.”

I have never felt this way before about a president, but I would like Donald J. Trump to be dead. I am, obviously, not threatening him, or advocating any sort of violence. But were he to suffer a heart attack and cease to exist, I’d consider it a gift to our nation and our species. Just as was the case with Hitler, and Mussolini, and Hussein. Yes, Donald Trump belongs with those sub-humans.

As I’ve been saying and saying and saying, this is a rotten, selfish, ugly man who has never shown the slightest bit of empathy toward people. He is turning back climate change regulations because he feels loyal to the coal industry—a dirty, obsolete business that no longer provides the world with needed good. It would be the equivalent of signing a law to save print newspapers. Laughable. Meaningless. Dumb.

Only, while this is dumb and laughable, it’s not meaningless. I have children. You have children. Donald Trump has children.

Their futures took an enormous hit today.

But at least the United States’ remaining 4,000 miners can continue their paths toward black lung.

Thanks, chief.

You motherfucker.