Josh Scheinblum shows how to interview a politician

Because this took place in Iowa, most folks here might have missed the drama. But yesterday morning, an Iowa representative named Rod Blum sat across from Josh Scheinblum, KCRD-TV9’s chief investigative reporter, to discuss his upcoming town hall meeting with constituents.

For (prop) reasons (prop) never (prop) actually (prop) expressed (prop), Blum arrived with a while slew of African American children. Which is weird, considering:

A. Blum is a proud Tea Party Republican, a group that is to black Americans what dog shit is to tuna casserole.

B. Blum opposes an increase in minimum wage, supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, supports every Donald Trump immigration initiative, has shown nothing but contempt and indifference for policies that might help bolster inner-city programs and lives in a city—Dubuque—that is 4 percent black. In other words, he’s not exactly Mr. Diversity and Mr. Love Everyone.

C. He didn’t tell the station the children would be attending.

But there they were. And there he was. And there was Scheinblum, ready to rumble. I’m quite certain Blum figured Scheinblum would be intimidated by all the black faces, and either run or toss softballs. Instead, he brought the heat. It turns out the congressman would have IDs checked before people were allowed to enter the town hall. Which led to an exchange that I just love, love, love, love …

Scheinblum: “Some would make the case that you represent all Iowans. The decisions that you make impact all Iowans. So shouldn’t all Iowans have a voice at the table?”

Blum: “I don’t represent all Iowans. I represent the 1st District of Iowa. That’d be like saying: ‘Shouldn’t I be able to—even though I live in Dubuque—go vote in Iowa City during the election because I’d like to vote in that district instead?'”

Scheinblum: Would you still take donations from a Republican in Iowa City?


Blum was done. He stood up, removed his mic, mumbled some angry mumbles and left the props … eh, kids, and a stunned-yet-sorta-pleased Scheinblum in his wake. To be clear, the question was absolutely perfect—and I’d say the same thing were Blum America’s biggest liberal. It’s a very fair point, and a very smart one: People from outside the district are giving you money to have influence. Therefore, shouldn’t everyone have access? Or just those who pay you?

I’ve seen a lot of bad news TV this year.

Josh Scheinblum did right.

PS: Blum held his town hall. It went poorly …

4 thoughts on “Josh Scheinblum shows how to interview a politician”

  1. Fantastic, and good for Josh Scheindblum! Few REAL reporters are allowed anywhere now, certainly not on our mainstream propaganda! Excellent – and this is getting covered on The Young Turks and Jimmy Dore and other places. These crummy politicians are getting exposed FINALLY!

    1. TYT’s lol. Now there’s an endorsement. Dore is modestly funny. And Dems are hypocrites. “The FBI head should be fired”, until he got fired then impeach Trump. Wake up dude.

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