Donald Trump is threatening you (idiot)

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Dear Idiot:

Donald Trump is threatening you—only you’re too dumb to know it.

Yes, I’m talking to you. You! The guy sitting there in front of his Fox News, cheering on the idea of the president of the United States no longer providing daily press briefings for the media. You think this is tremendous, because the media sucks and they’re all a bunch of biased trolls and Trump is the motherfucking man and … yes! Kill the media! Kill the media! Kill the media!

Deep breath.

I know this is hard for you to believe, but Donald Trump enjoys lying. A lot. Remember when he spent five years insisting Barack Obama was a Kenyan-born Muslim? Then, um, he just dropped it. How about the wall Mexico was definitely going to pay for? The Muslim ban? Affordable health insurance for all? Obama tapping his phones? We can go on and on and on and on—factual examples by the dozens of Donald Trump saying one thing to get elected, but knowing all the while he was full of dung.

Well, that’s why we need the press involved. All press. Yes, your hated New York Times and CNN. But also Fox News, also the Wall Street Journal, also the Washington Times. Without information being conveyed thru reporters and researchers, you have propaganda. The type of thing you’ll see in North Korea, in Russia. I know … I know—”But the media is a bunch of!” No, no. Stop. Sure, there’s some crap (ahem, Hannity) people calling themselves reporters. But the vast majority of men and women do these jobs because they love digging, reporting, researching, investigating. Just as this nation boasts a long and proud history of a free press, it also boasts a long and proud history of egomaniacal wanna-be dictators trying to suppress that press.

So love Trump all you want.

Hate the media all you want.

But don’t root for the suppression of information. You’re only rooting against yourself.