Marcus Thompson slings yang …

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So I posted the sixth episode of my weekly interview podcast, Two Writers Slinging Yang.

This week’s guest is Marcus Thompson, who just ended an 18-year newspaper career (covering mainly the Golden State Warriors) to join The Athletic, the new subscription-based sports website. You can listen to the episode either on Bumpers or iTunes. Or—if you’re ridiculously adventurous and bored—both!

Marcus is the first Yang guest I’ve never actually met, though I have great admiration for his work and his career. Some quick highlights:

• Marcus often writes to “He Got Game” and re-runs of The West Wing. He keeps pistachios by his side during tough stretches.

• Marcus had mixed feelings on writing a Steph Curry biography. On the one hand—it’s a book! Which is cool! On the other sand—Steph Curry is 29. What’s to say? (Turns out, quite a bit).

• Marcus was terrified to join The Athletic. It’s new, it’s unknown. But he ultimately saw it as too unique and lucrative an opportunity to pass up.

• Marcus doesn’t understand why there was no third Balboa-Mr. T fight.

Great guest, great guy.