Two writers, one subject, two approaches

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So last week Bleacher Report ran a story I wrote on Sam Darnold, USC’s terrific quarterback.

So this week Sports Illustrated ran a story Lee Jenkins wrote on Sam Darnold, USC’s terrific quarterback.

That’s why, for the eighth episode of Two Writers Slinging Yang (available here on Bumpers, here on iTunes), I thought it’d be cool and unique to talk with Lee about two approaches to the same subject.

It worked out quite well.

I will concede: Lee’s piece was better than mine. I loved the details he found, and you could tell his familiarity and understanding of the subject bettered mine. Which is fine. First, because Lee is terrific. And second, because you’re not always going to walk away with the best work.

Back when I was an up-and-comer at the University of Delaware, my stated goal was to become America’s best sportswriter. Now, some 20 years removed, that sounds utterly ridiculous. There is no such thing, because there’s always someone better and there’s always a story that tops yours. All a guy can do is try his best, work his ass off, be dogged and sincere and hard-nosed. In other words, there’s always someone writing a better piece.

What that should do (and does for me) is drive you harder next time.

Anyhow, Lee is terrific, and I really dug this episode.

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