Rick Scott’s empty prayers

“People ask me what they can do. The first thing I tell them is pray. Pray for the people in Florida.”

Rick Scott is Florida’s governor.

Earlier today he appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, and was asked specifically about Hurricane Irma. A few minutes into the Q&A session, he uttered the above words.

This infuriates me.

I-n-f-u-r-i-a-t-e-s me.

Pray? Fine. If that works for you, and offers inner-peace, hey, wonderful. But in his six years in office, Scott has not merely been indifferent to the science of climate change, he actually scorns it—repeatedly. This, from the Washington Post …

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 10.22.39 AM

Even now, with parts of his state about to wind up beneath water, Scott ignores the science. And ignores the science. And ignores the science.

Pray? OK.

Pray he wakes up and sees what’s happening.