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My Athletic Debut

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My athletic debut came when I was 8 and a member of the Jenny Oil little league baseball team. I wore No. 11, started at catcher; my best friend, Gary Miller, was my teammate.

My The Athletic debut came a few minutes ago, when the new subscription-based sports mega-site ran my first column—concerning former NFL players and their mixed feelings for fantasy football. I’ll be writing a piece every other week.

Will The Athletic work? I have noooooo idea. I hope so. I think so. Maybe. Probably. I know website ad revenue is a relatively nonexistent ideal, and a banner ad across the top of or draws, like, one click per 100,000 views. So a new model is needed. Is required.

And here we are.

It’s weird, writing for a site that most people can’t yet access. Folks see the top of your story, then need to ask/decide, “Is this guy worth it?”

So, is this guy worth it?

(Say yes, please)