An antidote to all the world’s shit

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Woke up this morning, sat down on the couch. Wife said, “You know Eddie?”


“I just love him.”

Eddie is the wife’s former high school classmate. I met him once, briefly, at his mother’s funeral. Otherwise, “Eddie” is merely this name that pops up from time to time, when the wife raves of something he writes or says or does on social media.

“Oh, Eddie. I just love him.”

But you’ve barely seen him in 30 years …

“I know. But I just love him.”

Eddie, the wife always says, is a beacon of joy and light. Funny. Quirky. Engrossing. Engaging. So when she started talking Eddie Eddie Eddie this morning, I didn’t expect anything beyond the usual rainbow-colored joy.

What I got was … this. Trust me, click on this. Right here—this.

I met Eddie once. I’ve never met Sherisse. But … man. So awesome. And loving. And righteous. And beautiful. We live in a world of ugliness right now, where hate seems stronger than love and our president makes a mockery of decency and compassion. So … yeah.

I needed this.

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