The Tao of Danny Tarkanian

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Danny: Anti-affirmative Action in all cases not involving a coach’s son playing Division I hoops.

I am not sure how this happened, but Danny Tarkanian is my Facebook friend.

Oops, wait. I just looked. As of this evening, he’s no longer my Facebook friend. Can’t really blame him.

Earlier this morning, I wrote a Facebook post directed at Danny, who is currently a pro-Trump hard-right Republican running for the Nevada Senate. This is what I put on screen:

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What inspired my rant? To be honest—everything. Danny Tarkanian, the pro-Muslim ban conservative, is in American because his Armenian ancestors fled ethnic cleansing and came to the United States. Danny Tarkanian, the anti-Affirmative Action conservative, played basketball at UNLV for three years under his father. As in, he was there because Dad was there (he also coached as an assistant under his father at Fresno State. As in, he was there again because Dad was there). Danny Tarkanian, the cut-as-much-funding-as-possible conservative, played basketball at UNLV along one player after another who was recruited out of rough, low-income inner-city environs (places that depended on—wait for it—funding he desires to cut). Danny Tarkanian, the Trump-is-an-honorable-man-who-needs-to-be-respected conservative, said nothing when that honorable man devoted five years to “proving” Barack Obama was a Kenyan-born Muslim. Said nothing when Trump bragged of groping women. Said nothing when Trump mocked a POW, mocked a Gold Star Family.


And on.

And on.

Does this make Danny Tarkanian a bad guy, per se? I dunno, But it makes him a hypocrite and an awful person to bring to the United States Senate.

So I wrote about it.