Milkshake Day



True story: About 10 years ago, TV Guide laid off an absolute shitload of people. It was the biggest slashing in magazine history. Dozens upon dozens of writers and editors gone on a Monday afternoon that ended in tears and sobs.

On Tuesday, the publication had Milkshake Day.

Again, that’s a 100-percent legit story, and it speaks to the utter tone deafness of many of those in power walking the planet. In the case of TV Guide, your employees aren’t going to feel better slurping a large mint chocolate shake. They’re pissed, there stung, they’re wounded—and making light of that is nothing short of bullshit.

Which leads me to Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC.

In case you missed this (which you almost certainly did not), earlier today the FCC voted (along party lines, with the three Republicans beating out the two Democrats) to dismantle Net Neutrality, which—if you don’t understand—is explained very well right here. In short, if lawsuits don’t work and this goes through, Internet access is about to change (awfully) in a major way.

The reaction across the United States has been very, very, very bad. And, in a nice twist, bipartisan. The vast majority of registered Democrats and Republicans think this is utter bullshit; greedy chow for billion-dollar corporations already dinging on filet mignot.

Anyhow, leading up to today’s decision our friend Mr. Pai posted this video on YouTube …

Let them drink shakes …

PS: And let’s hope this is right.

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