Family Bingo

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I’m a fan of creating games. It’s one of my strengths as a father.

Now, to be clear, I have plenty of weaknesses. Too many sweets. An occasionally quick fuze. Poor wardrobe decisions. An inability to use the local middle school’s grade update system.

But games. Games are my thing.

I hate when I see a family at a restaurant, and everyone is glued to a screen. It sucks, because there are so many better (non-eating) things to be doing. For us, constructing buildings out of sugar packets is a biggie. So is playing Jenga with jelly containers. I have one that’s oddly fun, where a person has to study his/her fork for a minute. Then I take it, mingle it with my fork and the person has to tell me which was his/hers.

We’re also good with 100 menu games …

Guess the price.

Which one of the three items I’m naming doesn’t exist.

How do you spell types of wine.

Truly, there’s an infinite supply of created table games.

Anyhow, last week while visiting Florida, I created my new favorite: Table Bingo.

So Casey and I each created Bingo cards on our coasters, and we had to predict things that would happen during the meal. They couldn’t be obvious, like “Mom picks up fork” or “Henry drinks water.” No, the items had to be specific. For example, an individual will complain about an item. Someone will check his cell phone. There’ll be an argument over whether the children get dessert.

I’m probably not doing this justice, but it was preposterously fun. My board is above.

Casey won.

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  1. I couldn’t read them all, but of those I could my favorite is “Emmett spills something”. Not “something is spilled” or “somebody spills something”. Right on, Emmett!

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