He tried singing the anthem.

General rules:

If you’ve had extensive plastic surgery, don’t comment on the decaying looks of others.

If you’ve had gastric bypass, don’t mock those who are overweight.

If you can’t read, don’t savage a book. If you can’t dance, don’t mock John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever.” If you can’t throw a tight spiral, don’t devote your days to proclaiming the awfulness of Eli Manning.

And, if you’re president of the United States, and you don’t know the words to the national anthem, don’t go bashing the patriotism (or lack thereof) of others.

Seriously, Donald Trump. You conman; you embarrassment; you fuck. I thought it was bad enough when you mocked POWs and Gold Star families while having received five deferments. I thought it was bad enough when you said kneeling NFL players were unpatriotic as you booted homeless Vietnam vets off the street in front of Trump Tower. I thought it was bad enough when you ran a fake “university” that bilked others of their money while labeling opponents as “lyin'” and “crooked.”

But there you were tonight, standing before the nation and alongside our soldiers, unable to recall the words to a song most third graders know by heart.

There you were, exposed.

There you were.