On Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams is a 21-year-old New Orleans Saints rookie who, earlier today, made an enormous mistake on the final play of his team’s loss to the Vikings.

He has been ridiculed and mocked and threatened and scorned on social media. And, as I always say in times like these to the people doing the ridiculing and mocking and threatening, and scorning: Get a life.

Seriously, get a life.

It’s a football game. Things happen quickly. He went in to make the tackle, worried he’d arrive too early and avoided contact. It was a bad play in a game of 1,000 bad plays. You just happen to be lucky that no one cares about your job at the law firm or the post office or the hamburger joint. There are no cameras, no commentators, no social media hawks waiting to swoop in on you.

And, yes, I know—Marcus Williams makes a good salary. But know how long he’ll last, if you go by the NFL average? Two-to-three years. That’s it. In a game that leaves you physically decimated and emotionally unprepared.

So cut the guy a break.

We all make mistakes.

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  1. Laudable sentiment, and would that things might be so. But remember back to the January 2012 NFC championship game, when the Niners lost at home in OT, 20-17. They should have won, but for 2 punt returns Kyle Williams fumbled in the rain and mud, one of which led to a go-ahead TD in regulation, and the other of which set up the winning FG. Everybody said the right things after that, but they released him early the next season. (In fairness, he somehow caught on with the Broncos and was on the Peyton Manning Super Bowl squad, but still . . . .)

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