When your son can’t stop giggling

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Earlier tonight, before he went to sleep, I sat down next to my son and showed him the 1994 April fool’s issue of the Review, the University of Delaware student newspaper.

I was editor at the time, and we put together this crazy 16-page paper that included stories on Snoop Dogg speaking at commencement (after shooting Tom Clancy) and Tonya Harding as a provost candidate and … and … I’m not doing it much justice. But the thing was funny as shit.

Anyhow, I turned to the comics page, which was primarily written and sketched by Brian Hickey, a news editor who has gone on to a truly fabulous journalism career. Now, Hickey was no artist. But as soon as Emmett, age 11, began to read the single-pane BORN TO EAT SALMON, he couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, the giggles just came and came and came and came. He’d actually been in a bit of a salty mood, and now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!



I actually remain uncertain why BORN TO EAT SALMON is so hilarious, but like Emmett I read it and laugh uproariously. I showed it to the wife tonight, and she stared somewhat blankly. Which I get.

Emmett and I, though, share a funny bone.

This brings me true joy.

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