Hall & Oates spent New Year’s Eve in Winstar, Oklahoma

So I’m piddling around the Internet for a few moments, and I come across the above video—Hall and Oates performing “Kiss on My List and “Private Eyes” in Winstar, Oklahoma on last New Year’s Eve.

And while they remain my all-time, all-time, all-time favorite group, I have to wonder … why?

Let’s say, hypothetically, each guy takes home, oh, $10,000 a gig. That means playing 20-to-30 times per year should cover 365 days worth of living. And if they play, oh, 70 gigs a year (which they pretty much do), they’re set without question. Hell, that’s $700,000 just for being half of Hall and Oates.

So, truly, I don’t entirely get it. Both men have families. Both men have children. Oates lives in Nashville, Hall in upstate New York. They have other projects to work on—Oates is enjoying a solo renaissance; Hall owns a club and hosts a TV show. Furthermore, they don’t particularly like one another. I mean, I don’t think there’s hate. But save for the 1 1/2 hours on stage, Daryl and John probably don’t utter more than 10 words to each other.

And last point: Maybe you’re thinking, “It’s about the music.” But can it be? Can playing “Kiss on My List and “Private Eyes” in Winstar, Oklahoma be about the music? No exaggeration—they’ve surely performed each tune at least 5,000 times together. I just can’t picture even the slightest bit of joy or emotion or love remaining in those two fine-yet-ordinary songs from more than 30 years ago.

OK. That’s all.

2 thoughts on “Hall & Oates spent New Year’s Eve in Winstar, Oklahoma”

  1. Trying to make sure people don’t forget about them.
    Most of us have.
    Heck most people don’t even know who Simon and Garfunkle were, forgotten years ago.

  2. There’s a lot of reasons. Like you said, the music is one. I mean you’re right, they’ve played their hits a million times already; but if I was a performer it would be nice to look into a crowd and see a person sing the songs that I wrote. There’s a high in that.

    Even after they’ve done it countless times, why do painters continue to paint? Why do writers write? Golfers golf? Because they genuinely enjoy what they’re doing. Daryl Hall has probably played guitar cumulatively for more than 100,000 but I bet that he picks it up while watching Pawn Stars (or something) and noodles around with it.

    And the money probably doesn’t hurt. $10,000 is $10,000 (I bet that they got more than this, BTW). I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss that. Maybe a daughter (or granddaughter is going to college) maybe they want to leave a son in a better place when they leave, maybe someone in their band is going through a time and H&O are sort of doing this as a favor for the dude.

    Ultimately, I have no idea why they ended up in Oklahoma on New Year’s Eve but I think that as a fan of the band, you’d want them playing more.

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