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At least 16 dead

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As I write this I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Southern California.

As I wrote about Sandy Hook in 2012, I was sitting in a Starbucks in New York.

I thought, at the time, things had to change. There was no way our leaders would respond to the massacre with indifference, right? I mean, that would be insane. Irresponsible. Crazy.

Now, as I sit here, having just learned that at least 16 people were murdered in a Florida school shooting, I am resigned to the inevitable. Nothing will happen. Nothing will be done. Nothing will change. The NRA owns Republicans. The NRA owns Rick Scott. The NRA owns Donald Trump. These same men and women who profess an adherence to God’s teachings don’t particularly care that our little boys and girls are being murdered. Actually, scratch that—I’ve gotta think they care. But they also feel helpless and detached and possessed by the terrorist organization known as the NRA.

So while it’s easy to target brown people with talk of Mexico border walls and amped-up security, we can never, ever, ever do anything about gun violence. Because … I dunno. Just because.

So there will be more school shootings.

And more school shootings.

Our children will continue to die.

And we won’t do shit.