Where was the respect when it mattered?

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I love the above headline

LOVE it.

It’s atop a Politico story, and explains that Donald Trump won’t attend Barbara Bush’s funeral because—with security and all—it’d just be a big ol’ pain in the butt, as well as an inconvenience for the Bush family.

Well, bullshit.

See, people have pride. Most people at least. And while men like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio allowed themselves to be ruthlessly mocked by Donald Trump (then, when he won the presidency, nuzzled by his side), the Bushes don’t play that. George H.W. Bush—proud man. Barbara Bush—proud woman. George W. Bush and Jeb Bush—proud men. Do I agree with their political leanings? Rarely. But they’re at least (in day-to-day life) honorable and decent. Jeb Bush ran a pretty awful campaign in 2016, but—to his credit—he refused to reduce himself to a Trump level of ugly, lying awfulness. He walked away with pride. Not as a name-calling infant.

So now, as we sit here, I’m quite certain the Bush family wants nothing to do with Donald Trump, the man who has ruthlessly attacked them on multiple occasions. They don’t want to hear from him. They don’t want to shake his little hands. They don’t want his fake bullshit non-empathy.

They don’t want him around.

Not today.

Not ever.