On Josh Allen and racist Tweets

Allen (left) is worth millions. Kaepernick is apparently not.
Allen (left) is worth millions. Kaepernick is apparently not.

In case you somehow missed this story, Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen Tweeted a bunch of racist stuff back when he was in high school. This, from a Yahoo piece that uncovered the since-deleted Internet offerings

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Allen has said the Tweets were related to TV and movie quotes, and African-American teammates from Wyoming are defending his integrity and decency. Which, of course, is fair and probably righteous. For all we know, Josh Allen was a stupid kid who thought it OK to use the n-word as long as he was relating it to other sources. I mean, as I often like to note, youth is truly wasted on the young.

And yet …

At the same moment some NFL franchise is about to make Josh Allen a multi-millionaire, it’s worth remembering (for the 8,653,322nd time) that Colin Kaepernick remains without a job—for the sheer audacity of speaking out on police brutality against minorities.

Hell, I’ll repeat that in more basic terms:

• Josh Allen, unproven small college quarterback: Tweets a bunch of racist stuff, about to be rich.

Colin Kaepernick: Guides team to Super Bowl, knees during the anthem to protest police brutality against minorities, unemployed.

It’s a fucked-up world.