A reminder to Republicans

From the Sept. 23, 1983 New York Daily News.

From the Sept. 23, 1983 New York Daily News.

I pause from day-to-day life to provide Republican backers of Donald J. Trump with an important reminder. No charge.

Following the inaugural season of the United States Football League, Trump—then a regionally known New York businessman—purchased the New Jersey Generals from someone named J. Walter Duncan. In the leadup, he praised the league. Said it was amazing, fantastic, thrilled, charmed, wonderful. He was excited to join such a growing entity, and couldn’t wait what might happen next. Here, this is from the New York Daily News at the time …

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Then, shortly after he was approved by the league, he insisted the USFL needed to switch from spring to fall and directly challenge the NFL. He promised greatness. He swore he had networks itching for a fall television deal. He guaranteed success; assured everyone it was the only route.

Ultimately, he won. Trump swayed the other owners into going fall and suing the NFL. Trump, of course, insisted the lawsuit be filed in New York. Insisted the league would trump “easily.”

Shortly thereafter, the USFL died. Trump was using the league to acquire an NFL franchise. He never cared about the other owners; the players; the employees. Years later he referred to them, collectively and dismissively, as “small potatoes.”

This was Donald Trump.

This is Donald Trump.

You’re following him, because you’re intimidated. And maybe he’s invited you to the White House. Maybe he’ll endorse you. You like your job. You want to hold onto it. Go Trump! Go!

I promise you—100 percent promise you—it’s all a scam. Everything. The whole enchilada. He cares about you and your party no more than he cared about the USFL and its employees. He will stomp you the moment he feels compelled to stomp. Morally and ethically, you have far more in common with Barack Obama and Joe Biden and (gasp!) even Hillary Clinton. You may well disagree with their policies, but they are humans with heart and empathy.

Right now, you are not merely falling for the USFL-esque con.

You are part of it.

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