My synagogue now has armed guards. We lose.

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So although I’m not particularly religious, I am a proud Jew whose kids attend Hebrew school at a nearby synagogue. It’s a place the wife and I very much enjoy and respect; a place that devotes great emphasis on decency and righteousness.

Perhaps that’s why this letter, received yesterday, hurts so much …

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I have no doubt what happened here. Namely, a bunch of well-placed (and well-heeled) parents fell for the fear and the terror and the NRA talking points and decided we need to bring firearms into a place of worship. Because, hey, what better way to teach our children about love and compassion than with guns?

Seriously, I’m furious. First, because the NRA (“Everyone needs a gun!”) wins. And second, because, well, what the fuck? How does this actually help the situation? Let’s say, hypothetically, a gunman enters Hebrew school and starts shooting. There are kids all over, teachers all over. Does a second person with a firearm solve the problem? Does he/she shoot the bad guy, or accidentally shoot more kids? Does the chaos of the situation lend itself to a solution via gun? Is anyone better off? Anyone?

It’s horrifying. And simpleminded. And, again, surrenders to the stupidity of Donald Trump and the sinisterness of the NRA. They want everyone to be armed. They desperately want everyone to be armed. It’s a goal. A mission.

And now, when courage and fortitude are necessary more than ever, we cower.

We surrender.

God have mercy.