I seen a rainbow

Photo by Catherine Pearlman.

Photo by Catherine Pearlman.

This might sound weird, but I know all the words to Left Eye’s rap in the TLC hit, “Waterfalls.”

It’s actually one of my favorite musical interludes of all time, and my kids are used to (and eternally annoyed by) me randomly saying, “I seen a rainbow yesterday …”

That said, I seen a rainbow yesterday.

Actually, it was two days ago. The wife and I woke up and I said, “Holy shit, look at the color outside the window.” It was a bright, electrifying yellow, truly unlike any hue I’d ever seen up close. She nodded, then added, “It was even stronger a few minutes ago.”

A brief span passed, then she called me to the window.

“Wow!” I said

“Wow! she said.

“Wow!” our son said.

It was a double rainbow, stretching across the sky. Not a half double rainbow. Not 90 percent of a double rainbow. A completed double rainbow, where one could literally see where it began and where it ended. It was the most spectacular vision of my life, and we concluded the early yellow was our house immersed in the rainbow’s base before it moved.

I’m not sure of the point here. Or whether there is a point. But I’ll try—the earth is beautiful. The sky is beautiful. They’re gifts to behold; gifts we too often overlook while staring at our screens and busying about from here to there and there to here.

But, man, we need to look up.

To see the rainbow.

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