Tell me if you’ve heard this one before …

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You’ve surely heard this one before, but I want to disconnect—only I’m not sure how.

I feel like my brain is fried. If not literally, at least figuratively. Thoughts don’t come as swiftly as they once did. I don’t remember things nearly as well. Information enters the brain and then–pfft—leaves. Snap of a finger, it’s gone.

Yes, I’m 46, and these things are relatively age appropriate. Most contemporaries seem to complain of similar shit nips. But I also think it has something to do with staring at my phone, firing off a Tweet, looking at Instagram, looking at Facebook, taking a photo, posting a photo, sharing a photo, reading an article, responding to a text, then another text, then another text, then another article, then LIKING something, then an emoji, then posting my podcast, tweeting out the link.


And on.

And on.

There’s no rest for my mind, and my mind is responding. I actually dumped Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from my phone—because, hey, fuck ’em. But they’ll likely return, because they always tend to return. Then I delete them again. Then they return.

I’m tired of this. I want to exhale and chill and read a book and rid myself of the impulse to look, see, check, check, see, look. I want a flip phone. Or no phone. I want to stop tweeting, and merely allow my books to sell via word of mouth. I want to unplug and divorce myself from all the buzzing and ringing and chirping.

Alas, I must end this post.

Someone texted me.