This one truly confused me

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By now you’ve seen that the Clemson football team visited the White House, only to be served a menu of fast food items from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

I don’t get it.

When I say “I don’t get it,” I’m actually not being snide, or even trying to go out of my way to rip the conman president. No, I actually don’t understand why these people were brought to the White House and presented with a buffet of the cheapest, crappiest, least-healthy grub on the planet. I don’t understand why the conman president bragging about how splendid the food it because it’s “American.” I don’t understand fine china being used. I don’t understand the White House going out of its way to boast about Trump footing the bill—when the bill was probably, oh, $3000.

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It’s all so weird and bizarrely tone deaf—even for a tone-deaf president. I mean, Barack Obama was slaughtered for being un-presidential when he A. Wore a beige suit and B. Put his feet up in the Oval Office.

So, if those acts caused Washington and Jefferson to spin in their tombs, what does a president standing proudly before a table of greasy deep-fried foods do?

God, we live in weird times.

PS: …