I give … I give

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Thank you, Nancy.

In case you missed it, the government is back open because big, bad, tough guy deal-maker Donald Trump came to the conclusion that he was drowning.

So he caved.

And with that, Nancy Pelosi wins. She won the argument long ago, but now she won the war, too. And, truth be told, there’s a chance we all win here, because with Trump’s sad, pathetic little whimper, a truth has been exposed. Namely, the way you deal with Donald Trump is you punch him in the fucking mouth, and don’t bob or weave. Then, when he counters with a jab, you come back with an uppercut.

He will fall, just like most bullies fall.

For the past two years, I’ve watched in horror as one Republican after another kneels before Zod Trump, terrified of his anger, his Twitter following, his Fox News army of mindless servants. They’ve cowered and stooped and begged his approval. It’s an old trap with Trump, and if any of these fools (Rubio, Cruz, Graham, etc) took, oh, 10 minutes to read up on his history, they’d know that the conman president is all about bluster, almost nothing about substance.

To her credit (and to my delight), Pelosi didn’t need Trump, and never felt the inclination to tiptoe around him. She called out his nonsense, mocked his entitlement, urged her fellow Democrats to follow.

It’s a path worth taking.

Because it works.


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