I just thought there was a shooting in this mall

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.58.18 AM

I’m sitting in the food court of my local mall, writing.

It’s an untraditional place to work, but it’s warm, there’s plenty of coffee, the food choices are wide open. So here I sit, typing, Googling, Googling, typing.


The screaming came from the rear.




My first thought—immediately—was that someone pulled out a gun. That entered my mind because people are pulling out guns every day in America. In random spots. At random hours. So why not here, in my local food court? Why shouldn’t it be my time to be shot and killed by an angry/depressed/psychotic/aggrieved person with a shotgun?

So I braced, turned …

And it wasn’t a shooter. It was a person with severe disabilities, in a wheelchair and alongside a care provider, just shouting.

This is what it’s come to.

PS: There was an active shooter this morning. Probably won’t be the day’s last. But let’s focus on the wall.

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