The Nearly Everything Store Lacks a Whole Lot of Nearly Everything

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So I was in Eagle, Colorado for a few days, and a woman inside an alpaca store (yes, you read that correctly) asked if I’d been to the Nearly Everything Store.

No, I had not.

“Well, you need to go.”

I went.

The Nearly Everything Store—in the heart of the town’s lovely-but-small downtown—didn’t have nearly everything. Or even close to everything. Or even 1/1,000,000,000,000th of everything. It had candy and medicine and T-shirts and candles and greeting cards. It had hats and hunting gear and pencils and erasers. It had cough drops and glue and shoelaces.

Among the things it didn’t have:

Lionel Manuel’s spleen.

The remains of my great aunt.

Dog food.


DVDs of “All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

The arm hair of the guy sitting near me in the airport.

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Any item with the number 543,664112 printed across the front.

A Steve Trout Chicago White Sox baseball card.

A Steve Trout Chicago Cubs baseball card.

A Steve Trout New York Yankees baseball card.

A Steve Trout Seattle Mariners baseball card.

My oven.

A mask depicting Gerald Ford.

Three drops of infected blood.

The autobiography of Elizabeth Holmes.

Authentic Graceland carpet.

The smell of french fries.

Slave pigeons.

Elbow grease.

Alf-themed Frisbees.

But, again, they did have candy.

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