Great news for Joe Biden (and others)

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I have awesome news for Joe Biden: Anything negative from his past doesn’t matter.

Anita Hill? Not an issue.

Getting too touchy with women? No problem.

Votes that, looking back, were ill-advised? Hey, shit happens.

I point this out because, as time has passed, I’ve noticed that a particular defense mechanism is routinely employed by supporters of Donald Trump when you evoke, oh, the “grab ’em by the pussy” comment, or the lie about helping with the Ground Zero recovery, or his repeated “Barack Obama was a Kenyan-born Muslim” line, or his mocking of a POW, or his lies about inaugural size and a Boy Scouts jamboree, or his fictitious past as a scrappy kid who started with nothing.

The defense: None of that is important, because I like what he’s doing now.

Seriously, it’s all the rage.

So … great. The past doesn’t matter. It’s what you do now, and only what you do now.

Let’s remember that.

Let’s remember.

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