Liam Watkins and everything wrong with social media

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For those who don’t pay attention, tonight there was a huge upset in professional boxing.

Anthony Joshua, the WBO, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion, was battered, bruised and defeated inside Madison Square Garden by a relative unknown named Andy Ruiz, Jr. The fight was one-sided and eye-opening, and Ruiz appeared to be an unlikely source of such a demolition. Or, put differently, he was short, wide and boasted a quality record (32-1) compiled against a collection of widely suspect opponents.

Anyhow, the win was of a Douglas-over-Tyson level of unexpectedness, and afterward Joshua was classy, both in interviews and the above Tweet. Which, truly, I loved. As much as I’m a fan of sports, I’m an even bigger fan of sportsmanship. Joshua displayed it in droves.

So, of course, the assholes pounce.

In particular, I’d like to dwell (for a moment) on this gem from someone named Liam Watkins

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Soooooo … you’re Liam. You’re some guy on Twitter. You’ve got 628 followers, you provide nothing about your own life. We have a photo of you alongside either your wife, girlfriend, sister or cousin—and that’s it. That’s all.

Which always makes me wonder: Why?

Truly, why?

Here’s Anthony Joshua. It’s his lowest moment. He just lost in embarrassing fashion. His career has been damaged, his future financial potential has been damaged. He trained for this, and he got destroyed. And you, Liam Watkins, feel compelled to tell him how shitty he is? The crap in his face? To dog him?

I just, truly, don’t understand it. Because, as we all know, were Anthony Joshua sitting in Liam Wakins’ kitchen right now, little Twitter boy would tell him how great he is, how big a fan he is. On and on.

Fucking social media.

Fucking humanity.

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