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In case you missed this earlier today Donald Trump, Jr.—a slice of stale crumble cake who has accomplished, quite literally, nothing on his own—re-Tweeted a racist Tweet about Kamala Harris by some far-right troll named Ali.

Here’s the Tweet in question …

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Because he is a pussy coward with an IQ of 17 and—I repeat—zero accomplishments (besides shooting an elephant or lion or something), Junior has found acceptance and purpose in his new incarnation as an online troll. Truly, it’s the one thing he does. I mean, his father doesn’t involve him in policy. His father hasn’t given him an actual position. Every dime he’s ever made has been off of daddy’s lifetime of cons. So you’ve gotta think, at age 41, Bitch Boy is giddy over having 3.65 million followers take delight in his owning of the libs (Yeah, big boy! You own those libs!).

That’s why, I imagine, he re-tweeted Ali Alexander, topped with: ““Is this true? Wow.”

Then, of course, people caught on. And Dog Shit Magoo—as racist as he is stupid; as egotistical as he is hairy—deleted the Tweet, as cowards are prone to do.

But here’s what sorta gets me: Once upon a time, a president was actually judged by his family’s misdeeds. Back in the late 1970s Jimmy Carter’s brother, Billy Carter, was a national embarrassment. So, for that matter, was Bill Clinton’s sibling, Roger. And those guys were merely buffoons.

Donald, Jr., though, is more than that. He’s a reflection of his father’s propensity to lie, to sling shit, to embarrass this nation.

He’s not an American. Period. ✊?

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    I smiled at your last suggestion – going old school. I grew up playing baseball every day with the kids in my neighborhood. Adults were never involved. We made it up; we figured things out. And because kids these days have so few opportunities to do so, at Steel Sports we incorporate “Free Play” into our baseball and soccer programs. It is so important for our athletes’ development.

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