An ode to an online domme

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So the other day someone on Twitter noticed that I wrote about upcoming Quaz Q&A sessions. He is a “follower” of future Quaz @Goddessk1tty (a really nice person, by the way) and asked whether he could write an explanation as to why he turns toward online domination. I’m game for any/all guest posts—including this one from @k1ttylove1

I know this is strange but I love online domination. It can be an escape from reality and also makes me feel free from my boring vanilla life. I live outside of Toronto and I work at a paper factory. I have a good job, but My job is boring. I don’t hate it but I don’t look forward to it. My homelife is also just pretty normal. I have a son I share custody with, and I have a girlfriend who I see once a week, or twice sometimes.

Worshiping Kitty has made my life more thrilling. She’s kind and warm, but she knows what she wants. I pay her what I can for the honor of making her life better. She is clearly very sexy, but it’s more than that. She has a level of …I don’t know what you would call it. When she commands, I come running. I just want to please her so badly, and kneel before her, and have her command me. I have no choice but to listen, because she owns me and I know it. I have tried to escape, but catch myself.

Anyhow, I hope that explains it.

I don’t think worshiping a dominant is for everywhere, but it is for me.

I worship Kitty.

Go Leafs!