Sometimes one needs a book

So, as I noted in my last post, I’m a very lucky person. Great family, great career, great geographical location. Just a legitimately fortunate man who has done little to garner such richness.

This is not lost on me, and never has been. I’m also aware that m-a-n-y people are struggling. Are eating shit. Have rough stretches, awful runs, damning spans. It’s hard, and it’s particularly hard come the holiday season, when we’re “supposed” to be happy; when everyone is smiling and singing and eating and …

It blows.

Here’s what I wanna do: If you know someone going through a rough stretch, who might get a life out of randomly receiving a signed copy of one of my books, hit me up at Please tell me a little about the situation, and give me the info.

A book will (unless I somehow fuck up) be sent.