William Scott of Scott & Associates of Texas just called me a “blue dick.”

William Scott: Says I’m a “blue dick.”

So a few moments ago I posted a letter, explaining my support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the upcoming election.

I received this reply from someone named William Scott …

This confused me, because the letter said nothing about William Scott. Certainly didn’t reference him, or insult him. I don’t even know William Scott; had no idea he’s the head of the ol’ team at Scott & Associates of Texas, Inc.—a real estate advisory firm.

But now I do.

And here’s what I don’t get: Why be an asshole to someone you don’t know, who did nothing personal to you?

“Blue dick”? Really? I’m a blue dick? For wanting to vote Biden/Harris? Really? I mean, William Scott of Scott & Associates of Texas, Inc. could have DMed me via Twitter, and we probably would have had a lovely conversation/debate. He could have asked why I like Biden over Trump. Hell, he could have ignored me.

But, no. I’m a blue dick.

And, because I’m now in a blue dick sort of mood, I’ll take a little joy (truly, just a little) in knowing that, from here on out, when someone Googles William Scott and Scott & Associates, he/she will wind up at this blog post. It’ll serve as a lesson that the guy on the website with this lovely bio; the guy who has “genuine concern for his clients’ financial well-being”; the guy with a wife and three children … thinks a guy expressing (sincere, honest) support for Joe Biden (and, presumably, any Democrat) is a “blue dick.”

And while my dick is, in fact, not blue, humiliation bleeds red.

Like the heart of Texas.