Kirk Cameron falls short

As long as we’ve got each other … we can spread diseases our own way.

In case you missed this story, Kirk Cameron, the long-ago star of “Growing Pains,” showed up yesterday in the parking lot of a Thousand Oaks shopping mall, where he led a bunch of mask-less religious freaks in caroling.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

It’s a weird thing, isn’t it? On the one hand, I’m sure Cameron—a well-known far-right religious zealot—genuinely aspires to spread joy via song. It’s been a rough year, we’re all struggling. So why not lift spirits with a little “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Deck The Halls”? I’m being sincere when I write that. He probably means to do well.

And yet … Kirk Cameron is a fucking selfish douche asshole. Or, put differently: Bruh, you’re not an infectious disease expert. You’re not a doctor. You work in neither hospital nor physician’s office. You certainly haven’t studied COVID, and I’m not even sure you’re aware that ICU beds in Southern California hospitals are 100 percent filled. So who are you, star of “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas,” to make the decision to hold such an event? What are your qualifications to decide COVID is just a hoax? Or that God and Jesus will cure people? Or that the power of song can cure all ills?

The audacity actually gets me far more than the stupidity. It is literally an audacious act of assholeness to put that many people at risk, all because you’re not wise enough to grasp and empathize with the issues. It suggests that you–Kirk Cameron, star of “Left Behind III: World At War”—think you know more than the experts, all because Invisible Sky Man whispers sweet nothings into your ears at night.

I don’t hope attendees fall ill.

But, if they do, it’s on Kirk Cameron.

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  1. If attendees DO fall ill, it is not just on psycho Kirk, it’s on themselves as well. I wasn’t there, I’m neither a believer or an idiot (and yes, all believers are idiots, but not all idiots are believers), but I’m fairly certain no one was dragged there against their will.

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