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Mike Pompeo and a douchey Tweet

The past two days have been blissful.

Trump is gone. The Biden administration is here. Adults are working once again in government. The media is no longer being savaged by the White House.

Truly, bliss.

But my visit to Happy Island was briefly interrupted by the misfortune of seeing this Tweet from the unemployed Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s 487th and last Secretary of State …

There are a bunch of things that got me with this one, beginning with: Aren’t you supposed to be rooting for Joe Biden to succeed? I mean, you were the United States secretary of state. I’m presuming, based off of that title and that authority, you want the administration to do well. Right? Because if the administration does well, the nation does well. Right? Right?

I mean, I guess that’s a warped expectation, considering your silence as Trump spread the stolen election lie. And considering your silence in the aftermath of the U.S. Capitol attack. And considering your unwillingness to help members of the incoming administration get their bearings. And considering your super-weird final days Twitter string of oddball exaggerations and chest puffings.

But the idea that, one day after a new president begins, you’re counting down the time until you can run, and brag, and boast, and lie?

It’s just so pathetic.

So little.

So un-American.