Brooke Singman, it’s not worth the paycheck


So earlier today Fox News’ website posted a story with the headline, BIDEN FLYING TO DELAWARE DESPITE CDC WARNINGS TO AVOID TRAVEL.

And to the bylined author, Brooke Singman, I deliver this message of love and peace: It’s not worth the paycheck.

It’s just not.

Brooke, you have a terrific resume. You attended a fantastic college. You’re obviously smart and talented. But this shit—propaganda nonsense for a “news” entity that revels in the manufactured outrage—isn’t worth debasing yourself and all you’ve worked for. Or, put different: When Donald Trump was president, your outlet ignored the fact that he (and this is me screaming) HELD A MASKLESS RALLY IN OKLAHOMA THAT LED TO THE DEATH—THE FUCKING DEATH!!!!!!!—OF HERMAN CAIN!!!!!???!!?!?!?!? Or that he (more screaming) ACTUALLY MOCKED MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA WHO WORE MASKS!!!!!! Or that he (one more yell) WENT MASKLESS ALL THE TIME, AND HOSTED A SUPER-SPREADER EVENT AT THE DAMN WHITE HOUSE!!!!

Deep breath.

Deep breath.

I’m guessing this wasn’t your idea. I’m guessing some asshole editor (with a mortgage, bills aplenty and three kids at home to care for) said, “Hey, how about a story about Joe Biden flying?”

And you probably replied, “Um, he’s the president. Flying on Air Force One. He wears a masks everywhere he goes. He’s not holding a rally. And, oh, he was vaccinated.”

But then Editor with a Mortgage countered with: “But Sean …”

And you said, “Sean who?”

And Editor with a Mortgage said, “Are we really doing this?”

And you said, “Yeah, we are.”

And Editor with a Mortgage said, “Look, you know who holds the power around here.”

And you sighed, and retreated to your laptop, and took a pull from your Camel Blue*, and tried your best to write a sensible and straight news story about something that actually is sensible, but isn’t news.

And then you thought about Bruce Tarr.

And wondered whether he has any openings.

. * Doubtful you actually smoke.