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Gary violated the code

So the other day I received an e-mail from Gary, who clearly did not enjoy “Three-Ring Circus” …

His review/smackdown did not bother me. Once upon a time it would have. But as I sit here, at age 48, I’m very comfortable with criticism, and people expressing criticism. Why? Because we all criticize. A movie. A meal. We tell our friends. We vent on Twitter. We post a one-star Yelp review. It’s the American way in 2021, and at least Gary told it to my (digital) face, and used his full name.

But here’s when it all went wrong. I replied to Gary with this …

And now it’s Gary’s turn. He has two options:

• 1. The, “Wow, you’re a better man than I am …” cliched note.

• 2. The “No seriously, go fuck yourself. You’re a whore …” cliched note.

Either one works in this situation.

But silence?

Damned silence?

Gary has crossed the line.