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There is no reason for a second Justice League film

In case you missed this, earlier today the world was introduced to the trailer for the second Justice League film. Here’s the link.

And, in response, I say this: No.





The first “Justice League” came out four years ago, and it was an absolutely dreadful piece of humorless dog excrement, filled with chunks of carrots and shards of broken beer bottle. So you’d think, considering the universal panning of that flick, things would be drastically different for No. 2. New director. New vision. New approach. New everything.


The trailer tells me all I need to know, and all I need to know is that this will be yet another ode to overzealous CGIing, another appearance of the worst cinematic Superman rendering in the character’s history; another chase-fight-monologue-chase-fight-monologue snooze fest.

I get why the idea of the Joker entices some.

But … actually scratch that. I don’t get why the idea of the Joker entices anyone.

This movie can’t possibly be good.