Stop screaming

The other day at was watching varsity sporting event at my daughter’s high school.

The Wolverines were competing against a local opponent, and throughout the tight contest one mother kept …


… screaming.

She screamed at the players. She screamed at the refs. She screamed instructions and criticism and encouragement. She told people what to do and how to do it and where to be and where to go. She was loud and shrill and annoying and obnoxious, and I can’t imagine any of the competitors found her words helpful and enjoyable or endearing or comforting.

Just irksome.

1 thought on “Stop screaming”

  1. Yup, a fan like that takes away from enjoying a game. My son is a high school football coach. During this past season a father (pandemic rules allowed players two tickets per game) walked along with the play from the stands, yelling at officials, coaches and players, including his own son. Every flag against our team wasn’t fair. All coaching calls were wrong. Players weren’t playing hard enough. He was obnoxious. VERY LOUD. Fans tried to get him to stop. Everyone moved far away from him. I can’t figure why a dope like that thinks his grating comments are worthy for those around him to hear. About the 3rd game, the Athletic Director and one of the officials approached him. They told him he was going to be escorted out of the stadium if he didn’t stop. And would be banded for the rest of the season. That worked. He was more than irksome. As a photographer on the sidelines, I kept my eye on him. He was scary!

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