Rikki Olds no longer exists

Rikki Olds no longer exists.

She was the 25-year-old front end manager at the King Soopers grocery store. Then a man entered with a gun, started firing, killed 10 people.

And now Rikki Olds no longer exists.

Ever again.

I know almost nothing about Rikki Olds. She was young, she was from Colorado, she showed up for work yesterday not thinking it’d be her final moment on earth. According to her Facebook page, Rikki attended Centarus High, then Fort Range Community College. She wore glasses, had a few piercings, posted a bunch of nature pictures.

I have no idea whether Rikki liked Trump or Biden or none of the above. I don’t know if she planned on continuing with her education or if she was happy and content working the supermarket shifts. I don’t know if she hunted, fished, bowled, golfed.

Here’s what I do know: It has become a thing here in the United States, where someone like Rikki Olds—25-year-old front end manager at King Soopers—can enter her place of work and legitimately wonder if someone will walk through the front doors and start firing.

It is a reasonable fear.

A justified fear.

A fear we will continue to do nothing about.

Rikki Olds no longer exists.

Heaven forbid we lift a finger to take action.

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